Can you describe your style?

Photojournalistic documentary coverage with a mix of portraiture and a focus on honest, real, and humorous moments.  I always say that I prefer to document rather than manufacture. 

While I absolutely provide guidance when necessary, and make time for an awesome set of portraits that will emphasize your bridal splendor, I'd rather remain as unobtrusive as possible for the majority of the day and really let you be yourselves.  A standard candid to posed ratio is about 80/20, depending on a couple's personal preference.  

Do you have formal training, or did you kind of just fall into this?

I have formal training as a photographer, having earned a degree at Antonelli Institute, a technical college in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  

Will I get digital copies of my images, Matt?

Yes.  After the wedding day, I go back through the entire day and pick the best of the best, aiming to tell the story of your wedding day as thoroughly as I can with my imagery.  I set a minimum number of images for your own peace of mind, but do not stop once hitting that number.  People often receive more than the minimum.  You'll receive these images in both a lo rez format with a watermark intended for web use, and a hi rez format intended for print.  You'll receive the high rez images on a flash drive as well as a personalized online portfolio that can be shared with loved ones.


I'm extremely self-conscious about having my picture taken and hate having it done.  Also I'm awkward.  Is that a problem?

Being photographed is weird, I get it.   I understand completely that most people have never been photographed by a professional with a giant camera in their life, let alone for 8+ straight hours while dressed up with their significant other, all while being surrounded by 100+ of their closest friends and family.  That's hard.  So I make it a point to keep it loose and low-key on the wedding day.  I stay in the backgorund as much as I can, and encourage you to be you.  While I do give some direction with the portraits, I don't get too posey with them, either.

If you're awkward, great!  I ultimately want your personalities to come across in the images.  Again, I want you to be you.  

Do you bring lighting equipment to help in dark indoor environments?

I do!  I always bring off-camera lighting to help light up the darkest reception halls.  I also work with miracle cameras that make shooting in a dark place a lot less scary than it was in the past.

Awesome.  Speaking of cameras, do you bring back-up gear with you?

I sure do.  If something goes down, a replacement is there to take it's place.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, and I'd be happy to provide proof of insurance to your venue if they ask for it.

What about wedding albums?

I offer several different kinds of books in an attempt to float as many boats as possible, and I'd be happy to chat about putting a lovely (or funky, or weird, or hip, or whatever your style is!) book together for you that will last generations.    

How do you choose your second photographer?

Through the years, I've developed a small team of talented photographers that I regularly work with.  This allows me to bring in second shooters that I can trust explicitly. 

How do I reserve my date with you?

A 30% deposit secures me for your date. 

Any other questions?  Drop me a line!