Your wedding day begins and ends like most others……..with you and your significant other wearing some combination of nakedness/underwear/suit-jamas.   What goes on in the intervening hours, though, is different than any other day you’ll live through in your life.

Hi.  My name is Matt.  I’m a Philadelphia wedding photographer.  And a New York wedding photographer.  Washington DC wedding photographer.  I like to travel, basically.

When I photograph a wedding, I try to stay hands off as much as possible, and just let the day run it’s course.  I firmly feel that  your wedding day should be documented, not manufactured.  If I simply direct you the whole day, and give you the same images I’ve given two dozen other brides that year (“stand by the window and smile at me!  Now let's have your mom smile at me while she zips up your dress!"  etc.) , it ceases to be your wedding anymore!  It becomes mine, and I would be doing you a disservice by not allowing you to make your own memories of  your wedding day.

Think about it – which moment are you going to more vividly remember in 20 years?  The two of you holding the knife together and smiling at me before cutting your cake?  Or the moments directly afterwards, when the two of you smashed cake into each others faces, and then had to spend 2 minutes clearing the icing out of your nostrils?

I’d venture to guess the answer was the second one.   And I want to photograph you clearing that icing out of your nostrils.

I shoot in a primarily photo-journalistic style, with a sprinkling of portraiture. I focus on moments, and I love working with couples who treat their wedding day as a chance to celebrate their personalities.   Being able to tell the ‘story’ of a couple’s wedding day, rather than just hand them countless photos of guests smiling at the camera, is that much better when the day itself, like the couple, is unique.  It makes for an exciting story.

Intrigued?  Well then, we might just be made for each other.  Photographically, of course.

DSC09688 copy.jpg


Now!  For the random fun facts that show off my personality, thus making me seem more personable and relate-able to you, my future client.

1.) I spent a month in Scotland in a cottage on the shore of a loch.

2.) I’ve photographed a wedding and a medical convention with a broken arm.  It was a wonderful ice breaker at the medical convention.

3.) I built a single-speed bicycle because one day I realized I didn’t know how to.

4.) My cat is named Optimus Prime.

5.) I’ve jumped out of an airplane.

6.) In the process of jumping out of said airplane, my main chute failed, and we resorted to the back-up chute to stop the whole ‘falling to our deaths’ process.  Fun-fact: While anyone can pack a main chute for skydiving, a person has to be specially certified to pack the back-up chute.  The more you know!

7.) I  speak high school level German.  Should I ever need to find a bathroom, or count to a hundred, I’ll be set.

8. ) I’d love to talk to you, and work with you.  Give a shout!